Manganese slowly  decomposes cold water.
 Manganese metal is ferromagnetic (only) after special treatment.
Manganese is a moderately active metal.
It combines slowly with oxygen in the air to form manganese dioxide (MnO2).
At higher temperatures, it reacts more rapidly.
It may even burn, giving off a bright white light.
It dissolves in most acids with the release of hydrogen gas.


Manganese was found in a black mineral called 'magnes' from the ancient Greek kingdom of Magnesia. Magnes was actually two different minerals, magnetite and pyrolusite. The pyrolusite mineral (manganese dioxide) was called 'magnesia'.

Geologically, magnesite is formed due to hydrothermal activity. Manganese is a chemical element with a symbol “Mn” is a free element found in nature. Manganese is a pinkish-gray, chemically active element. Manganese makes up about 1000 ppm (0.1%) of the Earth's crust, making it the 12th most abundant element in the Earth's crust.

Seawater has only 10 ppm manganese and the atmosphere contains 0.01 µg/m

Manganese contains vitamins K and the B-complex group, which are vital for  human body
It is an important trace element in nutrition, although exposure is toxic in higher quantities.
It is found in enzymes that metabolize fats and carbohydrates. and regulates blood sugar.
Manganese is important in the processes that forms bones, clots blood, and reproduction.
As important as manganese is to our health, the body does not store manganese
Manganese can also regulate blood sugar levels and supports the immune system.  
Manganese is essential to plant growth and is involved in the reduction of nitrates.
Lack of manganese causes testicular atrophy


Manganese is used to improve the strength, toughness, stiffness, hardness, wear resistance, and hardenability of steels.
Is used in steel production to fix the sulfur found in iron ores.
It also prevents oxidation in Steelmaking,
Iron Making has accounted 85%-90% of total manganese demand.
Manganese is used as alloying agent for aluminum.
As an additive in unleaded gasoline to boost octane rating and reduce engine knocking.
Manganese oxide was used in the original type of dry cell battery
Manganese compounds have been used as pigments and for the coloring of ceramics
Manganese with aluminum copper and antimony  forms highly ferromagnetic alloys.
Manganese dioxide is used as a depolarizer in dry cells
Manganese is used as a decolorizing agent for glass . Manganese dioxide is used to make clear glass. glassmakers called it 'glassmaker's soap'.
To manufacture vital enzymes for the metabolism of fats and proteins.
In drying black paints and in the preparation

The permanganate is used for qualitative analysis  and in medicine.
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